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Images Magazine

11 December 2019

2020 Hair Expo Awards: Enter and elevate your career! 

Entries are open for the 2020 Hair Expo Awards, the hairdressing industry's most coveted accolade...

The Cutthroat Journal

5 July 2019

Three days of innovation, inspiration and discovery at Hair Expo Australia 2019

Hair Expo ends on a high after three days of innovation, inspiration and discovery in Sydney...


12 June 2019

GenNext 2019 inspires at Hair Expo 

GenNext 2019 took on Hair Expo with aplomb, creating a huge spectacle by showcasing hair art, creativity and supreme skills from emerging talents in the hair industry... 


11 June 2019

Hair Expo Awards name 2019 winners

Hair Expo 2019 wrapped up this weekend with its annual awards gala, putting the emphasis on the incredible hairdressing community we've built...

The Journal 

10 June 2019

6 takeaways from Hair Expo Australia (part two)

From Jen Atkin's tips for career success to evo's staino saturation, Hair Expo once again offered the industry a miscellany of new and colourful intel...

The Journal 

10 June 2019

6 takeaways from Hair Expo Australia (part one)

A mass medley of hair education, new product innovations and the people who make our industry great...


10 June 2019

The Wrap: Hair Expo Australia 2019

Hair Expo 2019 was practically a year's worth of hair industry overload packed into one long weekend...

Images Magazine

29 May 2019

10 resons you won't want to come home from Sydney's Hair Expo

It’s arguably the biggest weekend on the calendar of any hairdresser – three days where professionals come together to revel in how amazing our industry is through education, shopping, and incredible hair-themed events...

Hairbiz Magazine

May 2019

A look inside the lives of Hair Expo's three leading ladies

Hair Expo Australia will welcome three incredibly talented female headliners to its 2019 edition in Sydney; Jen Atkin, Candy Shaw and Tabatha Coffey. These exceptional ladies chatted all things hair and business with Hair Expo. See page 42...

The Cutthroat Journal

28 May 2019

The ultimate barbering education at Hair Expo Australia 2019

The world of men’s hair is changing at a rapid pace, and there’s more options for men’s do’s than ever before. Keep up with all the latest trends and techniques in the barber biz at Hair Expo, thanks to their dedicated Barberland education sessions...


6 May 2019

Pushing boundaries at GenNext

A highlight of Hair Expo, the GenNext event features stage productions and performances that stretch the boundaries of creativity in hair. Designed to provide a platform for the next generation of up and coming talent in the industry, this year’s event will see eight teams take to the stage, as well as a main act from industry legends Robert Cromeans and Angus Mitchell, representing Paul Mitchell...

Images Magazine

29 April 2019

Hair Expo Awards finalists announced!

115 lucky hairdressers from around Australia and New Zealand were delivered a VERY exciting and special surprise when Hair Expo Australia delivered the finalists of its prestigious Hair Expo Awards their 'golen ticket' AKA their finalist announcement!...


29 April 2019

Q+A with Candy Shaw ahead of Hair Expo 2019!

Balayage queen, Candy Shaw, has a storied history with hairdressing and is a legendary influencer in the global industry. Hair Expo sat down with Candy ahead of her Australian trip to talk about her career highlights, her motivation and what you can expect from her come June!...

Hair Biz

March 2019

Hair Expo announces final line up!

The Balay Lama, Candy Shaw will join Tabatha Coffey and Jen Atkin at Hair Expo 2019! After bringing her unstoppable energy and leading skills in balayage to Melbourne for Hair Expo 2018, Candy Shaw will return to Australia for the 2019 event held over the Queen's Birthday long weekend in Sydney...


18 March 2019

Get your Early Bird tickets to Hair Expo now

Early bird tickets for Hair Expo 2019 (taking place in Sydney over the June long weekend) are officially open for business, and you can save money by booking before midnight AEST on April 12...


February 2019

Barberland at Hair Expo 2019

Hair Expo Australia has announced that its dedicated barbering education offering will return to the 2019 event in Sydney, following its huge success at last year’s Melbourne event...


13 February 2019

Hair Expo Australia 2019 names first brand partners

Hair Expo is just a few months away, and dynamic announcements permeate the countdown to the annual highlight event. The event has now named the professional brands that will act as its major partners, in a new multi-brand sponsorship deal...


15 January 2019

Hair Expo 2019 announces headliners

With Hair Expo’s Sydney event approaching for 2019, the agenda already promises enticing headliners, by way of Tabatha Coffey and Candy Shaw...

Headway magazine

December 2018

Hair Expo Update

Entries for the Hair Expo Awards are now open for 2019 and a new category is launched - the Master Cutter of the Year Award. This honours the incredible craft of cutting, and will be awarded to a hairdresser that demonstrates...

Hair Biz

December 2018

Hair Expo Awards open for entry

The prestigious Hair Expo Awards are now open for 2019 and launching a new category - the Master Cutter of the Year Award...


5 December 2018

GenNext show open to expressions of interest for the first time

For the first time, Hair Expo’s GenNext show is opening up its platform to expressions of interest, meaning you could be backstage and your looks could be inspiring an enthralled crowd...

YTN News Korea

June 2018

Korean Artists at Hair Expo Australia

Korean news segment follows the Korean Masters team as they showcase leading K-Beauty trends at Hair Expo Australia...

The Journal

June 2018

7 Things We Learnt at Hair Expo - Part One

It was a whirlwind weekend. A celebration of our own Kings and Queens. Joey Scandizzo took out the big one and a new breed of award winners stepped up as a bright indication of the future...


15 June 2018

Beauty Master Jun Jung’s beauty tips

Korean beauty guru Jun Jung who presented popular K-beauty skills in the 2018 Hair Expo Australia joins SBS Korean program to give beauty advice to audience...

Neon Bimbo Blog

15 June 2018

What you missed at Hair Expo Australia 2018

Two words. Hair Extensions… Tape, weaves, wefts, clip-in, wigs, micro beads, clip-in ponytails, you name it, Hair Expo Australia 2018 had it all...

Today Extra Show

8 June 2018

Reality TV hairdresser Tabatha Coffey on her rise to fame

Celebrity hairdresser Tabatha Coffey talks to TODAY Extra about life in Hollywood, being nicknamed the 'female Gordon Ramsay' and the number one hair mistake we're all making...

The House of Wellness

8 June 2018

Meet the stylists behind the world's hottest hair trends

The world’s leading stylists have landed in Australia for the 2018 Hair Expo. We speak to three celebrity experts who set the global bar when it comes to hair...

8 June 2018

Industry stars get ready for Hair Expo Australia 2018

Some of the world’s biggest hair stars will lead the way at the Hair Expo Australia 2018, which hits Melbourne this weekend, 9 June to Monday 11 June...